Help to find this Woman

By 12th Dec 2018 Around Town


  • Mxolisi Poni says:

    Hi guys I really like the fact that we have an I Y channel!!! ve ry exciting indeed and I’d like to be part of it.
    I hereby respond to the video about the woman claimed to be a suspected cellphone thief, actually I think there’s no evidence to sustain that claim because I personally don see her taking any cellphones so pleas send us a video clip that shows her taking the cellphones before we rush into conclusions.

    • IYTV says:

      Hi Mxolisi,
      It is so great that you are loving the IY channel!! Thanks for the feedback it is important to us. But, more importantly is the very relevant point about the woman in the video, you are indeed right that there is no clear evidence and we take your comment seriously going forward with news in the future, thank you!

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